What Happens During an EKG?

If you visit a walk-in clinic in Atlanta and the physician is concerned that you are having problems with your heart, then he or she may recommend an EKG. EKGs record the electrical activity of your ...
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What All Women Need to Know About Ectopic Pregnancies

An ectopic pregnancy is a potentially life-threatening condition for women that requires urgent care. Because many women may not have yet even realized they are pregnant when an ectopic pregnancy ...
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Why Yearly Physicals Are Important

Yearly physicals are the foundation of preventative medicine. They can reduce your risk of suffering from many common illnesses and allow your primary care physician to diagnose problems in their ...
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What to Expect During a Physical

One of the easiest and most impactful things you can do for your health is to have an annual physical. Physicals are free for everyone under the Affordable Care Act, and you can get one conveniently ...
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Preventive Medicine: Saving Lives and Cutting Costs

In every instance, preventing a health problem is better than treating it. Preventive medicine helps to do just that by screening patients for risk factors and signs of various conditions and ...
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Signs of Bladder Infections

Bladder infections require urgent care to prevent the bacteria from spreading and the infection from worsening. By recognizing the signs of a bladder infection, you can get to an urgent care clinic in ...
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Quick Tips for Healthy Traveling

When you travel, making a plan for staying healthy is as important as packing your bag. If you need to check a diagnosis, get medications, or get travel vaccinations, visit your urgent care clinic in ...
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Is Chlamydia Dangerous?

Chlamydia is an extremely common STD that is easy to cure with medications but that can cause significant complications when it is left untreated. Women in particular need to be vigilant about getting ...
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The Benefits of Family Meals for Children's Health

Research has indicated that consistently eating meals together as a family is associated with healthier kids. If you’re looking for ways to avoid extra trips to your local clinic or urgent care ...
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Why Is It Important to Have a Primary Care Physician You Trust?

The relationship that you form with your doctor can impact your long-term health. Are you looking for a provider of primary care in Atlanta ? If so, then read on to learn several reasons why ...
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Who Should Have a Reproductive Health Evaluation?

Your health could be considered your greatest asset, so protecting it is important. Once of the best ways to promote your long-term wellness is to see a physician regularly for checkups. In ...
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What Is Scabies?

Scabies is a relatively common skin condition treated by urgent care physicians, and it is caused by an infestation of the human itch mite. This parasite, called Sarcoptes scabiei var. hominis, ...
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Recovering from an Ankle Sprain

A sprained ankle occurs when a ligament in the ankle stretches too far or becomes torn. Ankle sprains are an incredibly common type of injury, and they can be quite painful and interfere with your ...
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Creating a Travel Medicine Kit

Did you recently visit your local urgent care clinic or primary care physician for travel vaccinations in Atlanta ? If so, then you may benefit from putting together a travel-friendly med kit. Watch ...
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Is Pneumonia Really That Serious?

Many people associate winter with cold and flu season, but pneumonia is also a danger to be aware of. Are you suffering from a severe headache, high fever, and coughing? If so, then you may have ...
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A Patient's Guide to Prediabetes

Type 2 diabetes and its precursor, prediabetes, are 2 conditions commonly diagnosed by clinic and urgent care doctors. Has your family physician in Atlanta informed you that you are prediabetic? If ...
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Get the Facts on the Zika Virus

When visiting their local clinic, urgent care center, or family physician in Atlanta, many patients ask their doctor about the Zika virus. You may have heard about this disease through the media and ...
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What Are the Symptoms of HIV?

HIV is a virus that weakens the immune system and makes it difficult for the body to fight off illness. Over time, HIV can lead to AIDS, which develops once your immune system stops functioning ...
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The Differences Between a Sprain and a Break

Two common injuries treated in clinics and urgent care centers are sprains and breaks. Both types of injuries are painful, but what is the difference between them? First, it’s important to ...
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Vaccines You Need for International Travel

Are you planning a trip out of the country or overseas? If so, then you may want to visit a clinic that offers immunizations for travel near Atlanta. Continue reading to learn about different travel ...
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A Woman's Guide to Breast Health

Visiting a clinic for primary care in Atlanta is one of the best things that you can do for your overall health. However, there are a few additional steps that women can take to promote the health of ...
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How to Choose a Birth Control Method

With the number of options that are available, selecting a birth control method can feel overwhelming. If you’re planning to visit a clinic or urgent care center in Atlanta to pick up birth ...
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What to Expect from a Gynecological Checkup

Doctors near Atlanta often treat patients who don’t know what to expect during a gynecologist checkup. If you haven’t been to the gynecologist in a while or are planning to make your first ...
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What to Do During Cold and Flu Season

Colder weather is here, which means that cold and flu season has also arrived. While it is impossible to completely prevent these viral infections, there are steps that you can take to help protect ...
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Should You Go to Urgent Care or the ER?

When you are facing a medical issue that requires treatment, knowing the best place to seek care can help you save time and money while ensuring that your medical needs are met. In non-urgent cases, ...
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