Blog Posts in March, 2017

Quick Tips for Healthy Traveling

When you travel, making a plan for staying healthy is as important as packing your bag. If you need to check a diagnosis, get medications, or get travel vaccinations, visit your urgent care clinic in ...
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Is Chlamydia Dangerous?

Chlamydia is an extremely common STD that is easy to cure with medications but that can cause significant complications when it is left untreated. Women in particular need to be vigilant about getting ...
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The Benefits of Family Meals for Children's Health

Research has indicated that consistently eating meals together as a family is associated with healthier kids. If you’re looking for ways to avoid extra trips to your local clinic or urgent care ...
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Why Is It Important to Have a Primary Care Physician You Trust?

The relationship that you form with your doctor can impact your long-term health. Are you looking for a provider of primary care in Atlanta ? If so, then read on to learn several reasons why ...
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Who Should Have a Reproductive Health Evaluation?

Your health could be considered your greatest asset, so protecting it is important. Once of the best ways to promote your long-term wellness is to see a physician regularly for checkups. In ...
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What Is Scabies?

Scabies is a relatively common skin condition treated by urgent care physicians, and it is caused by an infestation of the human itch mite. This parasite, called Sarcoptes scabiei var. hominis, ...
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Recovering from an Ankle Sprain

A sprained ankle occurs when a ligament in the ankle stretches too far or becomes torn. Ankle sprains are an incredibly common type of injury, and they can be quite painful and interfere with your ...
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Creating a Travel Medicine Kit

Did you recently visit your local urgent care clinic or primary care physician for travel vaccinations in Atlanta ? If so, then you may benefit from putting together a travel-friendly med kit. Watch ...
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