• When to Visit Urgent Care Instead of the ER

    When you’re feeling unwell and require prompt medical attention, your first instinct may be to go to an emergency room. While emergency rooms are well equipped to handle all kinds of medical issues, the average emergency room visit costs a lot of time and money. When you visit an immediate care center like Perimeter Clinic, on the other hand, a doctor will see you within 20 minutes and you will pay a lot less for treatment. Here are some circumstances in which you’d be better off visiting an walk-in primary care center.

    Treatment for a Chronic Condition

    If you have been experiencing chronic pain in your back or joints for several days or weeks, consider visiting Perimeter Clinic. One of our primary care physicians will gladly discuss possible reasons for the pain and help you find a solution. The doctors at Perimeter Clinic can also treat or manage asthma, migraines, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, allergies, and other chronic ailments.

    Atlanta Stitches Non-Life-Threatening Injury

    If you experience dizziness, confusion, chest pain, difficulty breathing, or uncontrolled bleeding, you should go to a hospital emergency room right away, as these are life-threatening conditions. If you suffer a cut, scrape, sprain, or another non-life-threatening condition , you might consider visiting an urgent care center. The physicians at Perimeter Clinic can even take simple X-rays and treat minor fractures. If you go to an emergency room with a non-life-threatening condition, you could be waiting for hours versus 20 minutes at a walk-in primary care clinic.

    Persistent Viral or Bacterial Infection

    Most of the time, a cold or bacterial infection will clear up on its own without any professional medical care. However, if your symptoms don’t abate within 5-7 days, you might consider seeing an urgent care doctor. An urgent care physician can diagnose pneumonia or another kind of infection and make sure you get the right treatment. If you have a tenacious bacterial infection, an urgent care doctor can prescribe an effective antibiotic. Perimeter Clinic of Atlanta is a preferred provider for most insurance plans, and our co-pay is lower than retail urgent care centers because we are actually a walk-in primary care clinic.