• What Are the Signs of a Broken Bone?

    When you break a bone and the bone does not protrude through the skin, it may be difficult to tell whether you have a fracture, sprain or strain. As you will learn in this video, you may have a hard time telling what has happened without visiting the doctor for an X-ray.

    Broken bones and severe sprains should be treated at an urgent care center like Perimeter Clinic in Atlanta. By seeking treatment at the time of the injury, you can prevent further damage and ensure a proper recovery of the damaged tissue. Some hints that you may have broken a bone rather than sprained a ligament will be changes in the shape of the bone and extreme pain that does not fade after a few minutes.

  • Primary Care at Perimeter Clinic

    Atlanta Urgent Care Physicians If you’re experiencing severe pain or a life-threatening condition, you should visit an ER as soon as possible. If it’s been a while since your last checkup and you’re curious about your health, you should seek primary care at Perimeter Clinic Buckhead near Atlanta. Whether you have a chronic headache or a persistent sinus infection, have one of our primary care physicians can evaluate your condition and help you find the right treatment.

    Primary care focuses on evaluating patient health and providing apt advice to help prevent serious ailments. Middle and high schoolers often visit primary care physicians for sports physicals, and adults go to primary care clinics for annual checkups. Primary care physicians can help diagnose various viral and bacterial infections and provide care for minor burns, lacerations, bruises, and even fractures. If a primary care physician suspects that a patient has a more serious ailment, he may refer that patient to a specialist. At Perimeter clinic, we’re proud to provide the above primary care services and more so our patients can stay happy and healthy for years to come.

  • The Importance of Regular STD Testing

    Your sex life is your business and yours alone. All that anyone asks is that you use protection every time you engage in sexual activity. Using condoms correctly and consistently can help slow the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and may someday eliminate them altogether. Even if you’re extremely careful, however, it’s essential that you visit an STD testing facility on a regular basis—particularly if you’re not in a monogamous relationship. Read on to get a better idea of the importance of STD testing:

    STD Testing in Atlanta

    Gaining Peace of Mind

    Unfortunately, not all STDs have noticeable symptoms. The only real way to know that you don’t have an STD is to go to a STD testing center and undergo the appropriate tests. If there’s a chance that you contracted an STD during a recent sexual encounter, don’t wait for symptoms show up. An STD test at Perimeter Clinic only takes 15-20 minutes, and can give you tremendous peace of mind if the test comes back negative.

    Maintaining Your Health

    It’s a good idea to go in for STD testing each time you have sex with a new partner. It’s especially important to go in for testing if you notice any changes to your genitals. Even if your test is positive, it’s not the end of the world. The sooner you know about your STD, the sooner you can seek treatment to limit the effects. While most testing centers can let you know your results so you can seek treatment on your own, Perimeter Clinic can test and treat you.

    Protecting Your Partners

    Perhaps the most important thing to remember is that you’re not the only one who is affected by your STD. If you don’t go in for an STD and you continue to have sex with new partners, you could spread the disease further. If you learn that you have an STD, you should inform your past and present sexual partners immediately so they can get tested too. If you wish, Perimeter Clinic can administer your testcompletely anonymously.

  • Getting Tested for STDs

    Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) should be taken very seriously. If you are sexually active and have had multiple sexual partners recently, it’s very important that you undergo STD testing at an STD testing clinic .

    This video discusses the STD testing process in great detail. Experts recommend that sexually active individuals who are not in a monogamous relationship get tested for gonorrhea, HIV, syphilis, and other STDs on a regular basis. If you don’t want anyone finding out about your STD testing, you can ask to take the tests anonymously. If you test positive for an STD, it’s important that you complete your medication and inform your current and past sexual partners so they can get tested, too. Perimeter Clinic, located in the Atlanta area, provides STD testing and STD treatment in a safe, anonymous setting.

  • Perimeter Clinic Buckhead Yelp Review

    Read about Reginald’s great experience with Perimeter Clinic and Dr. Rikhter in this recent Yelp review !

  • All About STD Testing [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Being a sexually active adult comes with certain responsibilities to yourself and to your partner. If you are sexually active, there is a possibility that you will contract a sexually transmitted disease, or STD. Getting yourself tested for STDs at a clinic on a regular basis can give you peace of mind and is the responsible thing to do. STD testing at Perimeter Clinic of Atlanta is quick, clean and anonymous, and you can be sure that your results are completely confidential. Depending on what your doctor is testing you for, you may have a physical exam, a urinalysis, samples of tissue or fluid taken, or blood drawn. Take a look at this infographic to learn more about STD testing and why it’s so important. Please share with your friends and family.

    STD testing infographic