• Where Is the Right Place to Get Tested for STDs?

    You may be familiar with specialty sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing facilities, but did you know that these facilities do not necessarily have physicians available to see patients? It’s vastly preferable to go to a medical center near Atlanta in which primary care physicians offer comprehensive medical services, including STD testing . At a doctor’s office, you’ll benefit from the highest standards of patient confidentiality, including anonymous STD testing.

    Scope of Testing

    Get STD Tested When you are seen by a highly educated and qualified family physician, you will receive a comprehensive physical exam and review of your symptoms. Be sure to disclose all of your symptoms, which may include pain during or after intercourse, fever, skin changes, and atypical discharge. The doctor’s office will offer all of the STD tests you may need. Your STD testing recommendations will be based on your thorough evaluation. Some of the tests you’ll have access to at a walk-in clinic include hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HIV, herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis. Furthermore, unlike a typical facility that only offers STD testing, your doctor may order a total urinary analysis (UA), which tests urine samples for multiple infections. This means that even if your symptoms are not caused by an STD, your doctor can determine the infection that is responsible for your discomfort.

    Continuum of Care

    Patients who go to a facility designated only for STD testing may have to go to a doctor’s office afterward because STD testing facilities do not necessarily offer comprehensive care. When you go to a doctor’s office, you’ll not only receive all the diagnostic tests you need, you can also begin an appropriate course of treatment. Additionally, you can have all of your medical care handled by one physician.

    Cost of STD Testing

    Another benefit of visiting a doctor’s office for STD testing is that it is a cost-effective option. Your doctor’s clinic may be more likely to accept your insurance plan, for instance. Even if you lack health insurance, you’ll almost certainly find that you’ll spend less for care at a medical clinic compared to an STD testing location.

    Confidentiality for Patients

    All medical information is subject to strict confidentiality regulations. However, privacy is a particular concern for patients with suspected STDs. When you visit a doctor’s office, you can rest assured that your information will be handled in a confidential manner. You can even request anonymous STD testing if desired.

  • Understanding Travel Vaccines

    If you intend on traveling to another country, you will need to find a clinic near Atlanta that offers travel medicine services, including travel vaccinations. At the clinic, inform the physician of your intended destinations to find out which vaccines you may need. It’s best to begin receiving vaccines at least four to six weeks prior to your departure date. Some of these vaccinations need to be administered in a series. If you lack documentation that you did indeed receive the shots, you may be denied admittance to the country.

    You can hear more about travel vaccinations when you watch this video or consult a physician at the walk-in clinic. The doctor in this video explains how certain details of your trip may affect the shots you’ll need. For example, the physician at the clinic may recommend different vaccinations for traveling to an Asian country during its rainy season versus traveling to an African country during its dry season.

  • Get the Facts About Urgent Care

    Urgent care centers fulfill a critical need within their communities. Urgent care in Atlanta bridges the gap between primary care and emergency care. When you have an urgent medical problem that cannot wait for an appointment with a primary care physician, you can count on an urgent care doctor to help you feel well again quickly. However, it’s important to note that urgent care is not intended to replace medical services at an ER for patients with life-threatening conditions.

    Highly Qualified Healthcare Providers

    Urgent care is provided by board-certified medical doctors who have undergone extensive education and training. Urgent care doctors are committed to maintaining the highest levels of patient care and safety. These medical professionals can quickly evaluate, diagnose, and treat a broad spectrum of medical complaints. At an urgent care center, you can receive treatment for a sprained ankle, migraine, urinary tract infection, respiratory infection, and many other health problems. An urgent care doctor can even treat minor fractures, although patients with open fractures should go to the ER instead.

    Man with Back Pain Cost-Effective Care

    One reason why so many patients have turned to urgent care centers in recent years is that they offer affordable medical services. Check with your health insurance provider; you’re likely to find that your co-pay at an urgent care clinic is much less than your co-pay at an emergency room. Additionally, urgent care centers can even help relieve overly crowded emergency rooms by taking care of patients with non-life-threatening conditions.

    Comprehensive Diagnosis and Treatment

    Urgent care centers are fully equipped with sophisticated medical technology to allow for the diagnosis and treatment of non-life-threatening medical problems. If your urgent care doctor determines it is necessary, you can undergo laboratory testing without having to go to a large hospital. Urgent care doctors can also take X-rays and administer injections, including tetanus shots, injected antibiotics, and pain relief injections. In the event that your medical problem does require the resources of a large hospital or the expertise of a medical specialist, an urgent care doctor can coordinate your medical referrals.

  • What You Need to Know About STD Testing

    Practicing safe sex is important, but you should know that you may need to have an STD test even if you are careful to use condoms every time. One reason to go to an STD clinic in Atlanta is if your partner has tested positive for an STD. When any patient receives positive STD results, it’s crucial for him or her to inform all sexual partners of the possibility that the infection was transmitted. Another reason to go to STD testing clinics is if you’ve noticed unusual symptoms that may indicate an STD .

    During your physical exam at the clinic, you’ll be asked about your symptoms, which may include abnormal rashes or bumps in the genital area, unusual discharge, pain, itching, and fever. For many people, the thought of going through STD testing seems embarrassing. You should know that when you go to a clinic that specializes in STD testing and treatment, you can remain entirely anonymous. Your physician is dedicated to maintaining patient confidentiality. Exam for STD Testing