• Finding Immediate Care for Your Symptoms

    The clinic you select depends on the nature and severity of your symptoms . If you have symptoms of a life-threatening condition, such as a heart attack or stroke, you shouldn’t try to drive yourself to a clinic near Atlanta. Instead, call 911 for emergency assistance. Aside from life-threatening medical problems, immediate primary care centers are often the destination of choice for urgent care. It is not necessary to make an appointment or call ahead before going to our clinic unless you require a physical.

    At our primary immediate care clinic, you’ll find that you can receive high-quality, prompt medical services for a fraction of what you might pay at an ER. We pride ourselves on the fact that our doctors do not change frequently, which makes our clinic more efficient than urgent care clinics. Our doctors are well qualified to handle a wide range of symptoms and conditions, ranging from skin rashes to severe headaches to sprains and strains. Our primary care doctors are able to do everything urgent care doctors can and more. Our physicians can diagnose incidental chronic disease while caring for acute problem you came in for: respiratory infection, urinary tract infection, severe insect bite reaction, unexplained pain, twisted ankle just name a few. Your insurance co-pay is considerably lower in primary care office than urgent care and ER.

    Primary Care Clinic