Essential Information on Gonorrhea

Taking charge of your health is essential for your overall wellbeing. Important steps to take include getting regular exercise, maintaining a healthy diet, finding out where the nearest urgent care center in Atlanta is, and undergoing regular medical care such as annual physicals and STD testing. One common sexually transmitted disease is gonorrhea—you can find essential details about this condition below. std - testing


Gonorrhea is a type of bacterial infection that affects mucus membranes, such as those in the mouth, throat, anus, and genitals. It is most often spread through sexual contact, though it can also be transmitted during childbirth. This sexually transmitted disease can be spread through different types of sexual contact, including oral sex. Because gonorrhea is spread through contact with infected areas, ejaculation does not have to occur for transmission to take place.


There are a variety of gonorrhea symptoms, and the infection causes different symptoms in men and women. Many individuals with gonorrhea may not experience any symptoms at all, which is why regular STD testing is so important. When symptoms do appear in men, they can include yellow, green, or white discharge from the penis, a burning sensation during urination, and swelling or pain in the testicles. For women, symptoms can include painful urination, vaginal bleeding outside of menstruation, and an increased amount of vaginal discharge. Infections in other mucus membranes of the body can cause discharge, itchiness, bleeding, and pain in the affected area.

Diagnosis and Treatment

If you are concerned that you may have gonorrhea or simply want to be tested to ensure that you are STD-free, the doctors at your health clinic can perform a urine test. While gonorrhea can also be tested using a specimen swab, testing with a urine specimen is more effective and less painful. If your test results are positive, your doctor will prescribe a medication to treat the gonorrhea. Be sure to take all of the medication as instructed to effectively treat the infection. It is important to note that while gonorrhea can be cured, it may cause irreversible damage to the affected area. This type of permanent damage can often be prevented with early diagnosis and treatment.

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