How to Talk to Your Primary Care Physician About Weight Loss

Making the decision to lose weight is easy, but achieving weight loss isn’t always as simple as calories in versus calories out. Your primary care physician can be an ideal resource when you are trying to overcome your weight issues. Here are some tips for starting this important conversation with your doctor during your appointment for your annual physical . weight - loss

Start the Conversation

If your primary care physician doesn’t bring up your weight in your appointment, don’t hesitate to start the conversation yourself. Sometimes, physicians avoid talking about weight unless the patient initiates it because some people are not receptive to the conversation. Tell your doctor directly that you would like to talk about your weight, how it is affecting your health, and what you can do to manage it.

Know Your Goals

It is helpful to have a goal in mind when you start your conversation. For most people, a healthy starting point is losing 5 to 10% of their body weight. Your primary care doctor can tell you if your weight loss goal is realistic and healthy and help you create a plan for achieving it. Your doctor can also help you set a long-term goal weight to achieve if you feel like you will have more weight loss after reaching your initial, short-term goal.

Consider Bringing a Food Diary

Reviewing a food diary with your primary care doctor can be especially helpful, because he or she can see exactly what you are eating and make specific suggestions about changes you should make to your diet to see results. Consider keeping an activity journal with your food diary and talking to your physician about starting a new exercise plan.

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