Your Blood Pressure: Understanding the Numbers

One of the most important indicators of overall health is your blood pressure. Every time you see a medical provider, whether you are having a physical with your primary care physician or seeking urgent care for an emergent need, you will have your blood pressure taken. Here is what your blood pressure says about your health.

Blood pressure readings are expressed as two numbers: your systolic pressure over your diastolic pressure measured in mm Hg. Normal blood pressure is below 120 over below 80mm Hg. If your numbers are over 125 over 95 or more, then you have high blood pressure. The higher those numbers become, the more at risk you are for heart disease and stroke. Your physician may recommend blood pressure medication if your high readings persist. If you seek urgent care and your blood pressure is significantly elevated, it could indicate that your body is under stress in some way or that you are experiencing a heart crisis.

Your primary care physician at Perimeter Clinic in Atlanta can help you manage your blood pressure with lifestyle changes and medications as needed. Call us today at (678) 904-5611 to make an appointment for a physical or to learn more about our walk-in primary care services.

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