• Symptoms of an Ear Infection

    Ear infections can be painful and uncomfortable, but treatment is available at clinics in Atlanta that provide urgent care services. The primary care physician will need to know about all of your symptoms and how long they’ve lasted. Most often, adults with ear infections experience ear pain, impaired hearing, and fluid drainage from the ear.

    Children who are old enough to articulate their symptoms may also complain of ear pain, which may be accompanied by headaches, loss of appetite, and impaired hearing. Adults may need to observe young children closely to identify the signs and symptoms. Young children may tug at their ear, have trouble sleeping, cry longer than usual, and have poor feeding. They might display poor balance and behave irritability. Additionally, parents may notice fluid draining from the ear and record a fever of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. These signs and symptoms are all indicators that a prompt visit to the clinic is in order.

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  • Understanding Ear Infections

    If you experience ear pain, it’s a good idea to visit a walk-in clinic in Atlanta . A doctor at the clinic can perform a physical exam and check your ears for signs of an ear infection. An ear infection can occur when bacteria or viruses are trapped in the outer or middle ear. When the middle ear is affected, it may be the result of a secondary infection after a person has a cold or other respiratory problem.

    As you’ll learn by watching this video, outer ear infections are often caused by fluid buildup in the ear canal that encourages the accumulation of bacteria. This type of ear infection is also known as “swimmer’s ear.” This video clip of “The Doctors” TV show explains how an outer ear infection can occur and which treatments may be effective. For example, a doctor at the walk-in clinic might prescribe antibiotics and eardrops.