• Dispelling Common Myths About Herpes

    If you are concerned that you might have herpes, you should visit your primary care physician, or a doctor at a walk-in clinic, for STD testing near Atlanta . A doctor at an STD clinic can provide quick, anonymous STD testing, and will notify you in one to two days if you have herpes or another STD. Here is a look at some common myths about herpes that doctors and family physicians have dispelled.

    Myth: You Can Catch Herpes from Toilet Seats

    Some of the most common myths surrounding herpes and other STDs is how exactly they are contracted and transmitted. Contrary to popular myth, you cannot contract herpes from toilet seats. Herpes is a virus that is transmitted via contact with bodily fluids of someone else who is infected. The most common ways that herpes are transmitted are via vaginal, anal, and oral sex. The virus can also be transmitted via an open sore on the skin.

    Myth: You Can’t Have a Regular Sex Life if You Have Herpes

    Herpes Myths If you have herpes, you can still have a regular sex life. You can work closely with your primary care physician or a doctor at your STD clinic to learn how to recognize the signs of a herpes outbreak. In order to ensure responsible, healthy sexual interactions, you should inform any potential sexual partner that you have herpes, regardless of whether you are currently experiencing an outbreak. You should always use condoms when having sex, though you can still transmit the virus while using condoms, even if you aren’t currently experiencing herpes symptoms.

    Myth: Your Primary Care Physician Regularly Screens You for Herpes

    Your primary care physician will not perform regular STD testing or herpes testing in the course of your routine treatment or as part of an adult physical exam. If you want a herpes test, you must specifically ask your primary care physician, or a doctor at an STD clinic, to perform an STD test for herpes. You should get the results of your STD test back within one to two days after the STD testing was performed.

  • Myths About Genital Herpes

    When you go to an STD testing clinic, you may wish to write down some questions you may have for the family physician. It’s not uncommon to be a little confused about your diagnosis of genital herpes , since there are so many myths about it. For example, many people assume that they cannot transmit genital herpes if they do not have any symptoms. In fact, if you have genital herpes, you can pass it on despite a lack of symptoms. The doctor at the STD testing center in Atlanta may also warn you that there is no cure for genital herpes, although it is treatable.

    For more information about genital herpes, consult an internal medicine doctor at the STD testing clinic and watch this video. This expert discusses how this virus is transmitted from person to person and what symptoms an outbreak can cause.