• Don’t Delay Lyme Disease Care [INFOGRAPHIC]

    If you love to spend time in the great outdoors, then you’re at risk for Lyme disease. This bacterial infection, which is transmitted through tick bites, can cause long-term complications if not treated early. When medical doctors start patients on antibiotics within a few weeks of the infection, most patients recovery fully.

    However, when treatment is delayed, sufferers have an increased risk of having long-term symptoms, such as arthritis and chronic neurological issues, including numbness and memory loss. In this infographic, Perimeter Clinic , a medical clinic near Atlanta, discusses the symptoms of Lyme disease and why early care in a medical center is so important. If you experience any of the signs listed here, see your primary care physician for treatment right away, particularly if you’ve recently spent time outdoors. Help your family and friends understand their own risks and when to go to a medical center by sharing this information with them.

    Don’t Delay Lyme Disease Care [INFOGRAPHIC]