• Spotlight on Our Executive Service

    Perimeter Clinic is a primary care and urgent care center in Atlanta that offers primary immediate care and travel medicine services. Planning to help ensure your good health should be an important consideration when traveling, and we provide information, immunizations for travel , and consultations to help international travelers protect their health. Furthermore, we offer an Executive Service, which includes group medical consultations, security briefings, seminars, and travel crisis management.

    If you’re in need of executive travel medicine services, then there are a few things that you should consider. First, some of the most common diseases that your group may benefit from being vaccinated against include hepatitis A, typhoid, and yellow fever. Also, you should plan to receive travel medicine soon after you book your trip or 6 to 8 weeks before you plan to leave. Perimeter Clinic offers travel medicine consultations, which is important for ensuring that your group receives the proper vaccinations, and you’ll also be provided with immunization records so you can present them to local authorities while you travel, if necessary. Finally, Perimeter Clinic files insurance for all vaccines besides yellow fever and typhoid. For more information about our executive travel medicine services, please visit our website.

  • What to Expect During a Physical

    One of the easiest and most impactful things you can do for your health is to have an annual physical . Physicals are free for everyone under the Affordable Care Act, and you can get one conveniently at a walk-in clinic in Atlanta at an appointment time that fits into your schedule.

    Watch this video to find out what to expect when you go to a walk-in clinic for a physical. The family physician will listen to your lungs and heart, look at your ears, nose, and throat, and test your reflex times. He or she may also examine your abdomen by pressing on it. Most physicals also include blood work to test your cholesterol levels and to look for other indicators of illness. Depending on your needs, your physician may recommend additional exams and tests, such as a well woman exam or discreet STD testing.

  • Is Pneumonia Really That Serious?

    Many people associate winter with cold and flu season, but pneumonia is also a danger to be aware of. Are you suffering from a severe headache, high fever, and coughing? If so, then you may have pneumonia and could benefit from heading to your local urgent care clinic to be checked out by a doctor in Atlanta . Watch this video to learn why this illness should not be taken lightly.

    Pneumonia is a serious condition that remains a leading cause of death in the United States. Some of the risk factors for pneumonia include age, smoking, and being sick with the flu or a cold. Also, suffering from diabetes, asthma, heart disease, COPD, or liver cirrhosis can put you at greater risk of a more severe form of this condition. If you’re experiencing fever, loss of appetite, chills, cough, and weakness, then consider seeing your doctor for an exam.

  • Staying Healthy During Winter Travel

    It’s comforting to visit family members during the holiday season, but often that requires some traveling. Start planning your trip well ahead of time. Along with finding the best deals on plane or train tickets, you should plan to visit the clinic to meet with a family physician in Atlanta who provides travel medicine services. Travel medicine is a healthcare specialty that can prevent travelers from contracting diseases away from home. family - physician

    Consult a Travel Medicine Doctor

    During your appointment at the clinic, the travel medicine specialist will review your medical history, including your immunization record. If you’re traveling abroad, you may need some new vaccines or booster shots. Your doctor will determine this based on the particular health risks of your destination . He or she can offer any necessary precautions on recreational activities and dietary issues in the area you’ll be visiting.

    Research the Climate

    Residents of the Atlanta area are not typically accustomed to wintry weather. If you’re heading north for the holidays, ask your hosts what you can expect in terms of weather. Check the 10-day weather forecast right before you leave and pack accordingly. In wintry weather, you can expect to wear multiple layers of clothing, such as a thermal shirt underneath a sweater topped off by a coat. Bring cold weather accessories like a warm hat, gloves, and a scarf.

    Pack Wisely

    In addition to bringing appropriate clothing for the climate, consider packing a bottle of hand sanitizer and a package of disinfectant wipes into your carry-on luggage. Use the wipes to disinfect areas that you’ll have to touch frequently, such as the armrests and tray on an airplane. During such a busy travel season, it’s virtually inevitable that you’ll come into contact with ill travelers. Avoid touching your face to prevent the transmission of germs to your mucous membranes.

    Stay Hydrated

    Drinking plenty of water during your travels is an effective way to boost your immunity. Dehydration impairs bodily functions, whereas hydration supports them. If you’re flying, check the airport’s policy on water bottles. You might not be able to bring full water bottles past security and buying water there can be expensive. However, some airports now feature water bottle filling stations. Bring your own empty bottles to fill up there.

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