• Signs of Bladder Infections

    Bladder infections require urgent care to prevent the bacteria from spreading and the infection from worsening. By recognizing the signs of a bladder infection, you can get to an urgent care clinic in Atlanta quickly for a diagnosis and to begin treatment.

    The most common sign of a bladder infection is painful urination, or cystitis, that most patients describe as a burning sensation. If you have an infection, you may also feel like you need to urinate more often than normal but only release a small amount of urine each time. You may also notice that your urine is cloudy, smells strong, or contains blood. Pain in the pelvic region may also occur. Some people with bladder infections develop fevers, which can also mean that the infection is moving into the kidneys.

    At a medical clinic, the physician may test your urine for signs of bacteria and prescribe antibiotics to stop the infection. If you have a condition that could make the infection slow to heal, such as diabetes, you may need to take antibiotics for a longer period of time to completely cure it.

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