• The Basics of Pubic Lice

    Pubic lice, sometimes called crabs, are usually transmitted through sexual contact. If you suspect you have pubic lice, you can easily get diagnosed and treated at an urgent care clinic. Often, if you have pubic lice, your physician may recommend that you get STD testing to ensure that you do not have another sexually transmitted infection.

    Pubic lice can be present around the genitals in the form of an egg called a nit, a small crab-like louse called a nymph, or a fully grown adult louse that looks like larger crab than the nymph. Pubic lice survive by feeding on blood, and they can cause itching and irritation around the genitals. Some people only discover they have pubic lice when they actually see nits or crawling lice. Although most cases of pubic lice are spread through sexual contact, in some cases, they can spread through sharing a towel or bed linens with an affected person.

    If you think that you have pubic lice, don’t delay treatment. Perimeter Clinic in Atlanta offers walk-in urgent care so you can get a fast diagnosis and begin treatment. You can find out more about our urgent care clinic by calling (678) 904-5611.

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  • Signs You Should Consider Switching Your Birth Control

    A doctor at a primary care clinic or medical clinic in Atlanta can assist you in finding the right birth control for your lifestyle and needs. The birth control method that you use should be safe, effective, easy to use, and should not cause uncomfortable side effects. If you experience severe mood swings, anxiety, depression, or suicidal thoughts, you should visit your doctor or primary care physician to discuss switching birth control methods.

    You should also talk to your clinic doctor or primary care doctor if your birth control is causing breakthrough bleeding. While your doctor will advise you that most birth control methods cause breakthrough bleeding for the first few months, it should cease by the third month. If your birth control method is causing severe bloating or persistent acne, your doctor or primary care physician may need to switch you to a method with a different level of progestin.

    If you experience migraines, particularly migraines with changes in vision, while on birth control, you should visit a doctor or urgent care clinic as soon as possible. Hormonal birth control can increase the risk of stroke and blood clots in women who have migraines with vision changes.

    Birth Control Options

  • The Power of Preventive Care for Women

    Preventive wellness is important for every patient, young or old, male or female. Women are urged to become proactive about their wellness by establishing a good working relationship with an internal medicine doctor at a primary care center in Atlanta. At the clinic, women can undergo an annual adult physical , receive crucial health screenings, and become informed of health issues that may apply to them.

    Cardiovascular Conditions

    Woman Heart Health Heart health is a major concern for women, since heart disease is a leading cause of death. At a clinic, women can have their blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and weight evaluated by an internal medicine doctor. Along with the results of these screenings, the doctor can evaluate the patient’s personal and family medical histories to assess her risk of cardiovascular conditions. Women who are at risk of heart problems and those who already have these conditions can receive medical management services and lifestyle counseling to improve their wellness.


    Diabetes is another serious concern for women, particularly for those who are pregnant or are thinking about becoming pregnant. A physician can check the patient’s blood glucose levels to determine if she is at risk of diabetes or gestational diabetes. Diabetes prevention is crucial for the health of women, expectant mothers, and their unborn children.

    Reproductive Issues

    Internal medicine doctors generally agree that preconception health could be just as important as prenatal care. Since many pregnancies are unplanned, women who take a proactive approach to their wellness are more likely to have a healthy pregnancy. Preventive wellness also includes routine pelvic exams and Pap smears, which can allow primary care physicians to detect possible problems as soon as possible.

    Breast Cancer

    Even before a woman is ready to start having mammograms, she can receive regular breast health screenings from a primary care physician. An annual adult physical for women generally includes a breast exam, during which the doctor checks for abnormalities such as lumps and skin changes. Additionally, women can receive guidance on performing breast self-exams, which can promote early detection of breast cancer. The sooner breast cancer is detected and treated, the more favorable the outcome is likely to be.

  • Getting Tested for STDs

    Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) should be taken very seriously. If you are sexually active and have had multiple sexual partners recently, it’s very important that you undergo STD testing at an STD testing clinic .

    This video discusses the STD testing process in great detail. Experts recommend that sexually active individuals who are not in a monogamous relationship get tested for gonorrhea, HIV, syphilis, and other STDs on a regular basis. If you don’t want anyone finding out about your STD testing, you can ask to take the tests anonymously. If you test positive for an STD, it’s important that you complete your medication and inform your current and past sexual partners so they can get tested, too. Perimeter Clinic, located in the Atlanta area, provides STD testing and STD treatment in a safe, anonymous setting.