• Surprising Signs of STDs

    Practicing safe sex and undergoing STD testing at a medical center in Atlanta are essential for maintaining your health. However, some people think that they only need to undergo an STD screening if they notice the signs of an STD. Unfortunately, some infected individuals do not experience any symptoms, and many STDs have surprising symptoms that you may attribute to something else. Watch this video clip to learn about some surprising signs of STDs.

    One surprising STD sign is lower abdominal pain, which women may mistake for menstrual cramps. Other warning signs of an STD include changes in vaginal discharge, unusual pain during sex, and a sore throat. You may be surprised to learn that several STDs can also cause joint pain. Visiting a health clinic for STD testing and treatment can help to ensure that you and your sexual partner stay healthy.

  • When to See a Doctor for a Sunburn

    If you or a loved one has a serious sunburn, you may have wondered when to seek urgent care in Atlanta . Doctors suggest visiting a clinic if your sunburn has begun to blister or is accompanied by other dangerous symptoms.

    Urgent care for a sunburn is usually necessary if the sunburn covers large portions of your body or has blisters. A sunburn is also cause for a visit to a walk-in clinic visit if you have other serious symptoms. For example, if your sunburn is accompanied by a fever, headache, chills, dehydration, confusion, or nausea, you should seek medical care. It is especially important to see doctors if the person experiencing the sunburn is a young child or an elderly man or woman. Sunburns are sometimes indicative of heat-related illness. In that case, a person may be seriously dehydrated and at risk of coma or death. Mild to moderate sunburns are generally no cause for medical concern. However, serious sunburns with other symptoms can be matters of life or death. In general, doctors advise drinking plenty of water and using aloe or a thick moisturizer to treat a mild sunburn.