• How to Stay Safe at the Swimming Pool

    Every summer, urgent care clinics in Atlanta treat many people who have suffered from injuries while swimming. If you have young children, it is particularly important that you put swimming safety procedures into effect to prevent injury and eliminate the need for urgent care or emergency services. Here are some tips for staying safe at the swimming pool and staying out of your doctor’s office or medical clinic.

    Inspect and maintain the pool and equipment.

    Swimming Pool Safety Whether you’re swimming in your own pool, or a public or community pool, you should inspect the pool and equipment before swimming. Make sure that there is life-saving equipment nearby, such as life rings and poles, and that the equipment is in working condition. Make sure that pool steps and ladders are safe and don’t present safety hazards. The pool and pool water should be free of debris, algae, and other health or safety obstructions. These tips will help you make sure that no one suffers from an injury that requires treatment by a doctor at an urgent care clinic.

    Always watch children in and around the pool.

    Children should never be in or around a swimming pool without constant adult supervision. You should be sure that children understand pool safety rules, and know how to get an adult’s attention if there is an emergency. You should always have a phone with you in case you need to call emergency services. If an injury occurs, you should take the injured child to a doctor or urgent care clinic as soon as possible for treatment.

    Learn and practice water safety techniques.

    Only those who know how to swim should be in and around the pool area. You and your family should take water safety, CPR, and first aid classes to ensure that you know how to handle a pool emergency. You should know how to evaluate a pool injury and determine if urgent care or emergency services are necessary. You should also know where the closest urgent care clinic, medical clinic, or walk-in clinic is located.