• Common Travel Vaccinations

    Do you have plans to travel overseas this summer? You’re undoubtedly excited to study abroad, visit friends or family, or aid in disaster recovery. In addition to securing a passport and making travel arrangements, you must also get vaccinated. Most life-threatening communicable diseases have effective vaccines that can protect your health during your travels. Consider the most common travel vaccinations that American tourists should receive.

    Routine Vaccines

    All travelers should be up-to-date with routine vaccines before traveling. Diseases such as polio, measles, tetanus and rubella are all but extinct in the United States, but they are still common in other countries. For your safety, make sure anyone traveling abroad in your family has received all the routine vaccines recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    Common Travel Vaccines

    The specific vaccinations you seek will depend on where you’re headed. In addition to routine vaccines, be sure to protect yourself against the following diseases, especially if you’re traveling to Africa, Latin America or Asia:

    • Hepatitis A: Contaminated food or water can carry hepatitis A, so this vaccine is recommended for travelers headed to rural communities or unsanitary places.
    • Typhoid: This disease affects over 12 million people per year. It’s also transmitted through contaminated food or water, so protect yourself with a typhoid vaccine.
    • Yellow fever: South America and Africa are the most likely places to contract yellow fever, which is spread through mosquito bites. Fortunately, vaccines are available, which provide up to 10 years of protection.
    • Malaria: This disease is also transmitted through mosquito bites. While there’s no malaria vaccine, you can ask your doctor for prescription medication to protect you during your trip.

    Less Common Travel Vaccines

    While not recommended for all travelers or destinations, you should ask your doctor if you need any additional travel vaccines to protect you on your trip. These may include:

    • Cholera: The CDC recommends a cholera vaccine for adults traveling to places with active cholera transmission, including India, Bangladesh, Yemen, Haiti and several African countries.
    • Hepatitis B: You may need a hepatitis B vaccine if you might have sex with a new partner, get a piercing or tattoo, or have medical procedures performed during your travels.
    • Rabies: Get a rabies vaccine if you expect to have an elevated risk for animal bites on your trip. Such groups include campers and people working with animals.
    • Meningitis: A meningitis vaccination is recommended if you’re planning to visit sub-Saharan Africa (known as the “meningitis belt”) between December and June when the disease is most common.

    Check the CDC

    The CDC keeps travelers up-to-date with current travel health notices, as well as travel vaccination recommendations by region. Check these resources before going on your trip to ensure you get the right travel vaccinations to safeguard your health.

    If you’re planning to travel abroad in the next few weeks, please contact Perimeter Clinic in Atlanta, Georgia at 678-999-8263 to protect your health with travel vaccinations.