• What to Expect During a Well Woman Exam

    There are some health conditions that only affect women, and regular visits to a clinic can be important for ensuring feminine wellness . If you’re scheduled for an annual well woman exam at your local medical center near Atlanta, then watch this video to learn what you can expect during your clinic appointment.

    Your doctor will use an instrument called a speculum to perform the exam, and vaginal and cervical swabs, which look like long Q-Tips, and a cervical brush will be used to collect samples from the vaginal wall and the cervix. You will undress from the waist down and cover yourself with a blanket for the exam, and then lie on your back on the exam table with your feet in stirrups. Finally, remember to breathe and relax while the exam is performed.

  • How to Prepare for a Well Woman Exam

    Well woman exams are a cornerstone of preventive medicine . Generally, women are advised to schedule a well woman exam with a family physician in Atlanta once per year. Little preparation is typically needed before your appointment at the clinic, but there are a few items you should bring and some facts you should know beforehand. well - womans - exam

    What to Bring

    You should always bring your insurance card when you go to the clinic and it’s also a good idea to bring a list. Write down all of the medications you are currently taking, including their dosages. Your family physician will need to know about your prescribed medications, especially if another provider prescribed them, and any over-the-counter medicines that you regularly take. Include vitamins, supplements, diet pills, and similar products on this list. If you’ve experienced any bothersome side effects from prescribed medications, you can write these down too. Your doctor may be able to suggest alternatives or adjust your dosage. Additionally, wear comfortable clothes that are easy to change into and out of. You’ll likely be asked to change into a hospital gown for your exam.

    What to Know

    Well woman exams begin with a review of your personal and family medical history . You should know about any changes to either medical history before your appointment. If you’re close to your parents or siblings, consider calling them to ask after their health. Certain medical conditions run in families, so if, for example, your sister was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, then your doctor might want to test you for that disorder. You should also be prepared to discuss any unusual changes you might have noticed with your health. Don’t be shy about discussing issues that seem to be minor annoyances because they might actually indicate medical problems. For instance, if you seem to be cold all the time while everyone else is warm, your doctor might test you for anemia.

    What to Ask

    Your annual exam is your opportunity to ask your doctor any questions you might have. You might ask if you should have any health screenings, such as whether it’s time for you to start having mammograms. Ask about having a screening for depression or tests for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Your family physician is your partner in wellness; no health topic is off-limits and you can rest assured that your doctor will maintain strict confidentiality.

  • Getting Care for a Work-Related Injury

    When you’re injured on the job, getting urgent care is critical for your health and to preserve your rights in any workers’ compensation claim you may need to make. If you are a business owner, you also need a medical partner to handle your workers’ compensation claims in a fair way. Perimeter Clinic Buckhead provides urgent care in Atlanta for work-related injuries that meet the needs of employees and employers alike.

    At Perimeter Clinic Buckhead, our urgent care staff send patients with work-related injuries directly to a fast-track occupational health treatment room, where they receive X-rays and other necessary tests for quick diagnoses and treatment. We are more affordable than emergency rooms but can provide the same treatment for non-life threatening injuries. Employees and employers appreciate our fast attention to work-related injuries and our ability to get workers back on the job as soon as possible, cutting lost productivity and controlling medical-related costs.

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