• Do You Need a Yellow Fever Vaccine for Your Trip?

    If you’re planning an international trip, you may need to visit a travel clinic in Atlanta . A doctor or primary care physician at a travel clinic can provide necessary travel medicine and immunizations for travel. Yellow fever is a virus spread via mosquito bites that causes flu-like symptoms, and occasionally serious illness or death.

    Your doctor will recommend that you get a yellow fever immunization for travel to South America or Africa. You do not need this vaccination if you have had one within the last 10 years. You should visit a travel clinic for the yellow fever vaccination at least 10 days prior to your trip. The country to which you are travelling may have specific requirements as to when and how the yellow fever vaccination is administered by your doctor.

    Your destination country may also have specific requirements as to how you must prove that you received the vaccination from a licensed doctor at a travel clinic, primary care facility, hospital, or medical clinic. Your doctor or primary care physician should provide you with, or tell you how to obtain, an International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis to prove that you received the immunization for travel.

    Yellow Fever

  • Travel Health: A Look at Yellow Fever

    Before you travel out of the country, you should visit a doctor at a travel clinic near Atlanta for the appropriate travel vaccinations and travel medicine. Yellow fever is a virus that is transmitted via mosquitos in tropical and subtropical regions of South America and Africa. If you plan on visiting either of these areas, you must get a yellow fever travel vaccination at a travel clinic. Yellow fever travel vaccinations are only available at certain travel clinics.

    Watch this video to learn more about the risks, signs, symptoms, and transmission of yellow fever. The only fool-proof way to avoid getting yellow fever while traveling is to get the yellow fever travel vaccination from your primary care doctor or family physician. You should also wear insect repellant, appropriate clothing, and be aware of peak mosquito times and the travel medicine necessary to avoid transmission of the virus.