The physicians and employees of Perimeter Clinic facilitate healthier lives. We are available to provide high-quality standards of care for you, your employees, and your family. All of our staff work efficiently and meticulously together to be a partner with you in the long-range planning for your total health care needs. Through this approach, we hope to help you attain the healthiest life possible.

Perimeter Clinic’s primary care physicians provide patients with a broad spectrum of health care, both preventive and curative, and coordinate everything the care patients require (including referral to specialist physicians). Most health insurance plans require that you have a primary care physician, and you can find that caring physician here at Perimeter Clinic.

Joshua Yager, M.D.

Urgent Care Center Atlanta

Why Choose Perimeter?

  • Community Trusted
  • Walk In / 7 Days / No Wait
  • You Deserve a Real Medical Doctor
  • Primary Care Doctors with Urgent Care Hours
  • Medical Clinic Staffed by Board Certified Physicians