Atlanta’s Trusted STD Clinic

Your sexual health is a central part of your overall wellness. By getting regular checkups and STD tests, you can ensure that you are free of infection or viruses. Here at Perimeter Clinic, we are proud to offer completely confidential STD testing for all of our patients. When you come in for a screening, our physicians will take the time to educate you on your testing options and ensure that your privacy comes first.

Our physicians and staff know that your time is valuable, so we strive to see you within 20 minutes of your arrival. You won’t need to sit in the waiting room for an hour or more as you anxiously await testing. We will get you in and out of the clinic efficiently, so you can get answers quickly.

When Should I Get Tested for STDs?

Any sexually active individual should be tested for STDs at some point, specifically when you have a new partner or have had unprotected sex. If you are showing symptoms, including genital irritation, discharge, skin rash, or painful sex, be sure to visit a clinic for testing.

It’s also important to remember that you don’t need to be showing symptoms to need screening, as some sexually transmitted diseases do not show symptoms right away, or at all. When you come into Perimeter Clinic for a test, you can enjoy the peace of mind of same-day results or results within two days for some specific tests. Our physicians will talk with you before and after the tests to ensure that you feel comfortable with all of your options and potential next steps following your results. We can begin treatment right away, writing any necessary prescriptions for relief.

Which STD Tests Does the Clinic Offer?

A comprehensive STD screening is key to your well-being, and our team is proud to offer a range of tests. Our physicians will talk to you about your specific sexual risks, recommending a series of tests for you based on your information. The following are some of the screenings that we offer here in the clinic:

  • Urine Testing: A simple urine test can examine for chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis, which are all bacterial infections. If a physician detects one of these issues, they can begin treatment. It’s important to catch these infections early, as they can cause complications with fertility when left untreated.
  • Herpes Testing: Herpes is a non-curable viral infection that is detected through a blood test. If our physicians diagnose a patient with herpes, they will recommend ways to manage their outbreaks and minimize their risk of spreading the infection.
  • HIV Testing: This virus is detected through a blood test as well. We provide same-day results for HIV Testing.
  • Hepatitis B Testing: A liver disease, Hepatitis B can be spread through sexual activity. We can test for Hepatitis B through surface antigen and antibody tests.

To determine which tests are right for you, it’s important to come into our STD clinic for more information. We are happy to guide you through your options in a safe and private setting.

Perimeter Clinic can offer anonymous STD testing on a walk-in basis or by appointment. To schedule your screenings in our Atlanta office, call us at (678) 904-5611.

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