Following Travel Notices

Check Travel Notices Before You Leave Atlanta

Before you travel, you should check CDC travel notices to view the alert levels in high-risk areas. Watch Level 1 notices will have a set of usual precautions, while Alert Level 2 may necessitate extra precautions. With Warning Level 3 notices, all non-essential travel should be avoided.

Recognizing Health Concerns Abroad

There are a few standard vaccines recommended for travelers visiting certain countries. You will want to talk to our doctor before receiving any travel immunizations, but those listed below are among the most common.

  • Typhoid – Typhoid affects more than 12 million people each year, but American travelers can protect themselves with vaccination about 6-8 weeks before traveling. Symptoms of typhoid include high fever, loss of appetite, stomach pain, and headache.
  • Yellow Fever – Yellow fever is most commonly contracted in South America and Africa. It is spread through mosquito bites, though prevention is possible with vaccination, which can provide up to 10 years of protection for travelers.
  • Malaria – Similar to yellow fever, malaria is transmitted through mosquito bites. There is no vaccine to prevent malaria, so the best prevention measure is avoiding mosquito bites. There are also anti-malarial medications that may be taken before, during, and after travel.
  • Hepatitis A – Hepatitis A is most common in unsanitary areas—particularly rural environments—as it is spread through fecal matter.

If you are planning to travel to Africa, Latin America, or Asia, you may need to make some extra arrangements to ensure a safe trip. Before visiting these regions of the world, immunization may be necessary to protect your health. At Perimeter Clinic, you can find travel medicine services including immunization to reduce the chances of serious illness and more common traveler’s sicknesses. Keep reading to get a closer look at how you should prepare for your travels with our services.

Scheduling Your Appointment

Most immunizations will require several weeks to take effect, so you should schedule an appointment with your doctor as soon as you have made a travel itinerary. Once you have had any necessary vaccines, you will want to keep your immunization records handy during your trip should any medical care be needed while you are away.

Before you travel, you will want to call Perimeter Clinic in Atlanta at (678) 904-5611 to schedule your travel medicine consultation. We work to provide convenient, affordable services covered by most insurance plans to ensure your safety on any trip abroad.

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