Walk-In Primary Care vs. Urgent Care in Atlanta

Your health is your most important asset. If you’re sick, injured, or otherwise unwell, you shouldn’t hesitate to seek professional care from a medical clinic. Perimeter Clinic of Atlanta is dedicated to providing prompt care for people of all ages. Whether you need urgent care services or a routine checkup from a primary care physician, we’re here for you. If you’re confused about the differences between our walk-in primary care services and urgent care, read on.

Differences and Similarities

Walk-in primary care and urgent care essentially provide the same service—to help you maintain your well-being. As the name implies, urgent care offers quick care for illnesses that need immediate, but not emergency attention. Patients usually seek primary care when their health concerns are not as pressing or for regular checkups. However, with walk-in primary care, patients can get all of their health issues, including urgent issues, addressed by a primary care physician with primary care co-pays. Unlike urgent care centers, primary care facilities network with the local medical community and have connections with local specialists in many fields. This allows them to refer you to the appropriate physician for any ailments that need a specialized expert. Individuals who are suffering from a life-threatening condition, such as a heart attack, should not seek urgent or primary care, but rather emergency treatment at a hospital emergency room.

Reasons to Seek Walk-In Primary Care

  • Sprains and Fractures: Minor fractures and sprains should be addressed immediately by a medical professional. At Perimeter Clinic our primary care physicians are armed with the latest x-ray equipment and can easily handle any splinting or temporary casting. Open fractures (i.e. those that penetrate the skin) require emergency care at a hospital ER.
  • Acute Pain: If you experience any kind of acute pain in your limbs, head, or abdomen, have a physician examine you. Your doctor can address a damaged joint, a migraine headache, or overwhelming heartburn.
  • Infections: Substantial external wounds that cannot be treated at home should be disinfected and wrapped by a physician as quickly as possible.
  • Routine Physical: Middle- and high-schoolers often visit primary care physicians for sports physicals, while older patients go in for annual physicals or any other routine checkups.
  • Tests and Vaccines: If you need a flu shot, tetanus shot, or another kind of vaccine, see a primary care physician. Primary care physicians can also provide blood and STD testing.
  • Non-Serious Ailments: A primary care physician can address colds, bacterial infections, and other minor ailments. A walk-in primary care physician has the ability to see you right away, no appointment necessary.
  • Minor Surgical Procedures: Primary care physicians can perform many minor surgical procedures including sutures for lacerations and abscess drainage.

Perimeter Clinic of Atlanta provides both primary care and urgent care services with the low co-pays you pay with a primary care physician. Our board-certified physicians make it their goal to see all patients within 20 minutes of walking into our medical clinic. Don’t let a troublesome medical issue go unaddressed—visit our doctor’s office the next time you’re feeling unwell.

Why Choose Perimeter?

  • Community Trusted
  • Walk In / 7 Days / No Wait
  • You Deserve a Real Medical Doctor
  • Primary Care Doctors with Urgent Care Hours
  • Medical Clinic Staffed by Board Certified Physicians